Pressurized Ultrafiltration Used in SunSpring Hybrid and IWT UF Series Systems

UF Module Model IWT-275

We leverage decades of research, development, and operational experience in developing the most advanced pressurized ultra-filtration technology in the market, specifically designed for small drinking water systems. The IWT-275 systems are proven to consistently outperform conventional filtration technology while meeting or exceeding regulatory requirements, regardless of source water quality.

Typical Applications

The IWT UF SERIES PACKAGED PLANTS are Versatile and reliable, featuring the pressurized IWT-275 UF Module, it is ideally suited for use in numerous applications including drinking water treatment, tertiary filtration, RO pre-treatment for brackish water, seawater. Compared to granular filter media, IWT-275 membranes produce superior water quality and are virtually unaffected by variable raw water quality – all at a cost comparable to conventional filtration technology.

General Properties

  • 0.02 μm nominal pore diameter – for optimal removal of particulates, bacteria and viruses
  • PVDF hollow fiber membrane – provides high mechanical strength and chemical resistance
  • Outside-In filtration – provides uniform flow distribution and high solids tolerance

Download IWT-275 Fact Sheet PDF

Download IWT-275 Fact Sheet PDF

Download IWT-275 Fact Sheet PDF

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