Innovative Water Technologies Purifies Drinking Water


The Solar and Wind Powered SunSpring Hybrid provides enough safe drinking water for developing communities around the world, reducing debilitating water-borne disease.

The patented SunSpring, a solar and wind powered water purification system invented at IWT, is the only decentralized hybrid water plant in the world that is Healthymagination validated by GE. The SunSpring has global applications for helping solve the world’s water crisis.

Public Drinking Water

IWT is dedicated to working with small drinking water systems around the World, getting safe drinking water to the people that need it the most. IWT currently has over 700 UF systems installed in 30 countries.

Our applications include public drinking water systems, municipalities, water districts, private industry, resorts, military, governments, grow site irrigation water, NGOs, mission work, emergency response, disaster preparedness, waste water tertiary treatment, dewatering, etc…

Emergency Response

Hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, tidal waves, tornadoes and other natural disasters leave chaos in their wake. Electricity, water and other services are often disrupted, leaving people in distress.

Our SunSpring Mini is compact, (fits in a Pelican Case), and portable so it can be easily carried where needed.

Developed by First Responders, for First Responders for remote operations with versatile power sources.