What others say:

“Our Rotary project, H2OpenDoors, creates permanent safe water systems throughout the world. At the core of each one is the SunSpring Hybrid and our relationship with IWT.”

Jon Kaufman

“IWT is great! They have helped so many people around the world by providing safe drinking water”

Eddie and Carol

WOW! I love the new website design.  Hats off to the team at InnovativeH2O your new site is easy to navigate and has all the information that I was needing to make the best-informed decision.  Looking forward to changing the lives of many people with your technology.  Thanks for being a trusted partner!

Ken Surritte

My name is Joseph B. Gardiner, CEO of LIBSWE purified Water in Liberia West Africa. My company uses SunSpring innovative technology to purified our water. And our water is said to be the best in Monrovia.

Joseph B. Gardiner