The SunSpring Hybrid provides safe water for disaster relief and international development.

Up to 20,000 Liters/Day

SunSpring Bottle Buddy / Clean – Sanitize – Rinse

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The SunSpring Hybrid

SunSpring Hybrid is a Portable Solar and Wind Powered, Self-Contained Microbiological Water Purification System capable of producing up to and exceeding 20,000 liters per day for up to and exceeding 10 years!

Treats well water, surface water, and GWUDI, (Ground water under the direct influence of surface water).


Solar and Wind Powered.

SunSpring hybrid provides enough safe drinking water for developing communities around the world, reducing debilitating water-borne disease in most fresh water, (no salt).

  • The only hybrid water plant that is Healthymagination validated by GE
  • Sustainable development solution
  • High Tech/Low Maintenance
  • Delivery can be expedited for emergency response
  • Great for Micro Enterprise Models

SunSpring Bottle Buddy

A water bottle clean/sanitize/rinse station designed to be used with the SunSpring Hybrid water purification system. The SunSpring Bottle Buddy cleans, sanitizes and rinses any size water bottles in seconds. The SunSpring Hybrid produces up to 20,000 liters of SAFE Drinking Water per day!

Download SunSpring Hybrid or Bottle Buddy PDF

SunSpring Hybrid

SunSpring Bottle Buddy